Headed by CEO, Denise Dogon (Head of Marketing) and Group MD, Rob Stefanutto (Head of Developments), the Dogon name has become synonymous with the proficient and effective marketing and selling of premium grade properties and developments in Cape Town and Gauteng. Dogon Group prides itself on the unique and varied skill sets of our team members. With extensive backgrounds in investing, development and marketing, Dogon Group collaborates with the city’s most notable developers to create, brand and market some of the most innovative residential real estate in South Africa.


The Developer

As one of Cape Town’s premier Construction & Development companies, we at The Nova Group pride ourselves on matching client expectations to deliver a quality product on time, every time. From feasibility and planning, to procurement and construction, we ensure a well thought out, carefully planned and effectively managed project from start to finish. Involved in construction since 1997, the objective of this operation is to act as the primary building contractor for the companies within the group, associated entities and selected outside contracts with other developers. Driven by innovation, creativity and powered by expertise and experience, The Nova Group has become a market leader, setting trends and leading the way with residential, commercial and retail projects. These competencies have enabled the company to regularly partner with top financial institutions and other industry players.


KMMA is a Cape Town-based architectural firm, dedicated to creating and recreating sustainable residential and commercial properties. Our team of experienced architects are committed to providing superior results and quality urban lifestyles for all small and upmarket properties. At KMMA we design residential properties and create innovative spaces which allow people to thrive. Our homes are designed with people in mind. Our design process, includes strategic planning, construction efficiency and long-term cost-effectiveness. Our experienced team of architects, based in Cape Town, are able to deliver diversified services which create quality urban lifestyles. We welcome you browse our portfolio of architectural projects and residential property designs.